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About us

Everything is possible in the world of 3D printing including large or even super-sized objects that most people haven’t even heard about before.

CORPOREAL is a volumetric 3D+ printing company able to print any shape in any size at unbeatable speed.

Our Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology allows you to produce prints up to 1517 mm x1117 mm x1800 mm and as the material can be assembled with itself you can build 5- 10 metres objects or even bigger.

GDP is a ground-breaking 3D technology that enables the production of super-sized, lightweight 3D objects at super speed.

We are offering unique, super sized 3D solutions that are mostly used in visual communication including retail, tradeshows, entertainmant, movies, prototyping and many other fields.


Key Benefits:

  • Custom, creative, giant displays
  • Complete geometry freedom
  • Lightweight, illuminable models for maximum impact
  • High structural strength
  • Variable resolution capability
  • Wide variety of coatings and finishes can be applied
  • Little or no support structures required

Environmentally friendly:

  • Additive process with minimal waste
  • Efficient digital process eliminates post-printing clean-up and low consumption of material
  • Low energy consumption with LED UV
  • Lightweight printouts minimize emissions of transportation and handling

"3D visual communication has 5 times bigger power to catch your clients and customers attentions and have 4 times bigger staying power in your shop, booth, point of sale or you name it "

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POS, Window display, mannequins etc.

  • Combine 3D printing with tradtional displays
  • Attract more customers (5x stopping power)
  • Increase staying power, increase sales


Tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, sport- and other events

  • Stand out from the crowd!
  • Attract more customer and PR (5x stopping power)
  • Go VIRAL!

Theming & Entertainment

TV, Film, Theatre, Museums, Props

  • Amaze your audience!
  • Super fast – right on time! (x3 times faster than traditional method)
  • Super realistic

Concept Prototyping

Aeronautics, automobile, construction, engineering, design

  • Super sized objects
  • High structural strength
  • Faster prototyping


Super size

  • 180 cm height
  • 150 cm width
  • 120 cm depth

Unlimited possibilites

  • Larger dimensions with assembly
  • Make 5-10 meters objects or even bigger – there is no limit!
  • (material can be assembled with itself)


  • Printing 10 times faster than other solutions
  • 35 cm / hour
  • Maximum measurements in 5 hour

GDP Technology Gel

  • Patented technology
  • Dispensing printing that solidifies by UV
  • Super high structural strength

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