POS, Window display, mannequins etc.

  • Combine 3D printing with tradtional displays
  • Attract more customers (5x stopping power)
  • Increase staying power, increase sales


Tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, sport- and other events

  • Stand out from the crowd!
  • Attract more customer and PR (5x stopping power)
  • Go VIRAL!

Theming & Entertainment

TV, Film, Theatre, Museums, Props

  • Amaze your audience!
  • Super fast – right on time! (x3 times faster than traditional method)
  • Super realistic

Concept Prototyping

Aeronautics, automobile, construction, engineering, design)

  • Super sized objects
  • High structural strength
  • Faster prototyping

Design & Art & Architecture

Decorations, interior, exterior, sculptures, mannequins

  • Any kind of shape
  • Limitless creativity
  • Highest quality at unprecedented speed

Malls & Hotels & Restaurants

Signage, displays, special models on demand

  • Attract more customers
  • 5 times more stopping power
  • 3 times more staying power

Education & Research

universities, models for teaching, concept modelling

  • Engaging teaching
  • Faster modelling
  • Spectacular presentation

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